It’s the spooky season, and Covid has created a need for scary books, but holy smokes, they’re expensive. That doesn’t seem fair. So, it’s time to flip things around. For a limited time, I’m offering a few short stories and books for free, and another set at discount price. Check them out below and enjoy. Some are online magazines, others Kindle based. All are for your enjoyment. Happy Halloween!


Black Petals Horror/Science Fiction Magazine

A Horse for Us All

Killian Black is a ruthless highwayman on his last shilling due to a treacherous epidemic in eighteenth century England that’s forced everyone into hiding. Luckily, he’s heard rumors of a royal convoy riding from the King’s country estates, a score that’ll replenish his pockets and pay for his many vices. The only catch, his informant can’t confirm that there’s riches in the royal carriage, so it’s up to Killian to investigate. 

Drunken Pen Writing & Podcast

Buried in the Rain

(Available 10.25.20)

Steve is a stuffy professor down on his luck, grading papers on a rainy night at a coffee house. His only excitement are the glances from his crush, the barista, Nikki. Then something strange happens. While Steve reads about a possible killer in the area, a teary eyed girl appears in the entrance of the lonely cafe. Steve tries to comfort her, but scares her back into the stormy street. Torn, Steve pursues her through the bleak weather, beginning a chase that takes him to a broken house in a bad side of town, and ends… in blood. 


A Forest Only Whispers (99 cents)

DLG Publishing 

A Forest Only Whispers is a romantic witchcraft story about Melissa, a contemporary witch that lives with her mother and Nanny in a charming New England village. Years ago, her high school boyfriend, Rían, disappeared in the nearby woods, and since then Melissa has never been the same. Now a college student, Melissa spends time with her family, the O’Phelans, her coven sisters and best friend, Hellwise. While the story starts off with a simple family tradition of baking Nine Maidens Pie during the Autumn Equinox, the reader learns that Melissa is sneaking off to join her sisters in praise. As the plot continues, Melissa joins her modern day coven as they go into the legendary Limingdover Woods, where Rían disappeared.

Consumed, BLKDOG Publishing ($3.99)

Sergeant Nathaniel Brannick is trapped in Victorian London during a period of disease, crime, and insatiable vices. One night, Brannick returns from work to find an eerie messenger in his flat who warns him of dark things to come. 

When his next case involves a victim who suffered from consumption, he uncovers clues that lead him to believe the messenger’s warning. Despite his incredulity, he can’t help but wonder if the practical man he once was has been altered by an investigation encompassed in the paranormal. That is, until he meets the witch hunters, and everything takes a turn for the worse.

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