What A Spooky Year

It’s been a fantastic literary year for this nerd (amidst the real life horror). I want thank all of the great supporters including readers, interviewers and fellow bloggers. I can not, nor want to, do this without you. On that note, take a look at all the recent titles from 2020. The year has been frightening, but hopefully the books will merely give you a fictional scare.


Beyond the Levee and Other Ghost Stories Anthology: “It Dances Now” by Justin Alcala

Power Loss “It Snows Here” by Justin Alcala

DLG Publishing Presents: “A Forest Only Whispers” by Justin Alcala

Running Wild Anthology of Stories Volume 2: “A Blind and Terrible Thing” by Justin Alcala

101 Proof Horror “The Lantern Quietly Screams” by Justin Alcala

On Time Anthology “Time Will Tell” by Justin Alcala

Black Petals Magazine Presents “A Horse for All of Us” by Justin Alcala

On that note, please, be safe, healthy and happy. Read books and make life as cool as you deserve.

Justin Alcala


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